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​There are 3  types of wheels pictured here and there several more not pictured that I have.  All of them have been placed on a car and spun so that it is known whether or not they are straight.  If they are slightly bent they will more than likely balance, if they are bent they will likely not balance  They are as follows;  (Note-all are 4x100 vw Audi fitment)

The wheel in the forefront of this picture is a 4x100 VW fitment Ronal wheels.  $200 for a set of 9 of these wheels within center caps.  7 are straight, one is bent, one is slightly bent. Most have tires but they are toast.

The wheel behind that one is a VW 13 inch "manhole cover" from an early Scirocco.  I have six of these, $50 for the set. 4 are slightly bent, two are bent.

The one behind that one is a 4x100 13 inch early Audi wheel.  I have six of these, 3 are straight, 2 are slightly bent, 1 is bent.  $70 takes the lot.

I also have(not pictured here) a total of 9  "bottle cap" wheels. 4x100 from a second gen jetta GLI or GTI.  $80 for 8 in total.  2 are straight, 6 are slightly bent, 1 is bent.

1 slightly bent silver "snowflake" wheel slightly bent $20

4 -  14 inch donut spares  $20 each

2 black snowflake wheels 1 straight, 1 slightly bent $50 takes both