When I bought this car almost twenty years ago, I had recently gotten a '79 shell through the body shop and completely painted in preparation for a total restoration and a 2.0 16v swap.  I had been after this Cosmos Silver car for three years, leaving cards on it constantly, and never hearing back.  

But then one day, two weeks after I got the '79 back, she finally called me.  She said she called me first because I left more cards on it than the other three people who were after it.  After cussing at myself for a minute, I showed up at her house that afternoon and bought it.  The car had been used as a daily since new, and I was its second owner.  I sold the '79 at a loss, and moved on.

Since I've owned  this car, it has been painted twice and undergone one complete drivetrain swap containing a seven model and ten years span of VW and Audi production parts.  In 2002, I swapped in an Audi 3A 2.0 block, with a thoroughly ported and polished(inside and out) head from an '86 GLI , a 9A transmission, 16v driveshafts, and accessories from a '92 GTI.  I  installed this drivetrain with the goal in mind of building the car the way VW should have built it when new, but the obstacles of obtaining quality and non-existent parts has always been in my way.

I will be updating this page as often as I can with new information on the progress and results of getting both these products, and my car ready.  If you would like to tune in from time to time, and especially share it with others, I would invite you to.


Almost thirty years and about forty to fifty Scirocco's later, I'm still at it.  I put myself through college, and then the first fifteen years of daily drivership thereafter, on the backs of many different Scirocco's(and working on many others for beer money) .  In recent years I have found the need, the time, and the money, to finally complete the restoration of my own "unicorn".  This time it will be forever.

​And it will be forever because I am tired of fighting the fact that no one makes  the things that would make this car truly great.  I am tired of buying headers that break, exhausts that never really fit right and rot out too quickly, hangars that never fit right, and having hot air blown into my intake by the radiator fan.

This site, and everything in it, is the result of a lifetime of being a fan of the Scirocco.


My first Scirocco was  a ridiculously rust free 1976, doo doo brown Mk1, with vent windows, factory installed AC, and a rear wiper. It had been vandalized before I got it and had no windows or turn signals.  It burned oil like it did gasoline, but ran great.  I bought it for a song  and to this day, that car was the one that got away. I never got to restore it and I never got to truly drive it.

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Why Mk1?

​MK1 Motorsports

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My Mk1 Story...


I'm building these for my car regardless.... 

This site is here in the hopes that there is a viable market for the items that I have always wanted for my car. The ones that no one makes anymore, and ones that no one ever made. 

While it is a very limited market, and producing these things doesn't come cheap, we're moving forward regardless.

I'm tired of having to sacrifice the originality of my car to do things like install a nice stereo, and have gauges. I'm tired of fighting to make the ac work reliably.  I'm tired of companies saying that something will fit and it won't, and most of all, I'm tired of having to let it sit until I can get these projects ready.

And they have taken a huge amount of time and capital.  And such is the nature of the beast because I can't just make the first ones, I have to have them made in 3D cad, cut, bent, welded and assembled in sets of two or three in the beginning, and all of them have to be ready by spring.(At least, that's my goal.)   For a complete list of what I am making,  please see the products page.

As I complete this car, I will be making the items that are listed on the products page.  If you would like to purchase any of them, or all of them, please let me know via an email to mk1motorsports@yahoo.com.  Any availability of these items is subject to circumstances that have yet to be encountered.  While most of the products listed are nearing a feasible manufacturing date, some have not, and I want to make it clear to anyone who is interested, I will do my best, or I will refund your money within a two month period.  If you find/feel that you can trust me longer than that, we'll get to that.  Just know that I have lived my entire life on the level with everything I do and am not about to change that with this community.  To further my point that I am not just a schmuck that might take off with your money over some car parts.  I am also a Realtor(15 years), I own/run an HVAC company that services hotels(four years), I design/make/market my own artwork/interior signs(10 years), and I am a musician who has just finished a complete album.(20 years that was in the making...lol)   Please see the links page for more information on the artwork and music.ur paragraph here.