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1990 BMW 750il V12 long wheel base  $9,000

*I am selling this car with FULL truth as I am also looking to establish a working relationship with the new owner.  If you need my advice I am a phone call away tohelp in any way I can.  No questions asked.  If you'd like me to complete the any of the remaining work on the car my rate is $80 per hour.

Clean title in hand

180k miles-runs and drives excellent

Pearl White three stage Escalade paint

Lots of recent work but still some to be done (see below) 

Comes with an 80% complete parts car, LOADS of boxes of extra parts from another parts car, and a full set of extra wheels, two with useable, but old tires, one is almost new.

Garage kept its whole life.  Excellent paint and leather. No issues other than what is listed below.

The engine and transmission run smooth and strong.  The shifts are beautiful and the motor does not smoke AT ALL, not even on startup.  It has a factory installed, and very rare, very coveted 3.15 LSD differential.  (The code on the tag is S 3.15 824) There are no check engine lights, EML lights, or trans program errors present in the systems.

This car has the following equipment;

*5 liter DOHC V12 300hp and 340 lb ft of torque, mated to a four speed automatic transmission with economy and sport mode

*Fully finctional factory Self Leveling suspension-  This system makes it such that you can put 1500 pounds into this car and it will completely hold its level.  It will not sag like other cars when they are loaded down with passengers and luggage.

*Aftermarket remote start system that works perfectly. 

*Factory full leather interior.  ALL US market 750il cars had this feature.  Not only are the seats real leather but even the door cards and center console pieces are stitched in leather.  Interesting point of note, the artisans that make these pieces actually sign them on the back when they are made.

*power windows and two way sunroof

*Factory installed 3.15 LSD differential

*All four seats are heated and the rear seats recline and have electric headrests as well (the fronts are of course, power as well and have seat memory)

*Factory rear "pull out" sunshade(works perfectly)

*traction control and ABS

*upgraded fog lights that are in perfect shape and not pitted

*17 inch "Style 5" wheels from a 2001 BMW E39 528i Sport.  These have been taken apart, new stainless bolts installed, and polished to a mirror finish. (they are NOT CLEAR COATED!  They need to be repolished by hand every now and then) The Michelin tires on the rear barely have 300 miles on them, the fronts probably have about 3k miles on them

*Power, heated, mirrors with the feature that lowers the passenger mirror when you put the car in reverse.

*power lumbar support on drivers seat

​*Aftermarket tint that is both in excellent condition and was a really nicely done job.

*NOTE-this car also comes with a parts car(with title) that is 80% complete and the leftovers of another, including a second engine that's locked up(water got in).  The parts car has the correct matching transmission that is known good.  The motor in it  ( V12) did run but only on 6 cylinders due an engine management problem.  No smoke from the tailpipe but I still suspect it has a bad head gasket due to water in the oil.  Before I started stripping it for parts I did drain the oil in it so it doesn't have water in it.  The motor is most likely rebuildable.  The parts car is black with tan leather but th emechanicals of the seats are the same as the white car.

It has the following new items that have been installed.

*Fresh 134 freon conversion and charge.  AC blows ice cold with no issues.

*Brand new Nitrogen charged accumulators for the rear self leveling system.  Replacing these also required the fabrication of NEW high pressure lines for them.  BMW does not sell these anymore.

*New caps and rotors, recent coils

*Both trunk shocks

*The fuel rails have been pulled and ALL of the underhood fuel hoses have been replaced using the proper 12mm band clamps. 

*Both crankcase ventilation bushings in the valve covers have been replaced and new air filters and throttle body boots installed.  

*Both fuel pumps and the $100 pre-pump fuel screen

*The previous owner did replace the intake manifold gaskets which are about $600 for all 12 cylinders not including labor.  I would guess to say these were done within the last 5k miles from what he said.  These are a soft spot for these M70 motors because when they fail they develop cracks with heat and age and cause vacuum leaks that cause the car to run lean and cook the catalytic convertors.  

*I pulled the whole center console apart, polished and reglued the wood trim back down(common problem that happens with age)  replaced the gear selector "slider" and cleaned and degreased(with dielectric grease) the transmission selector range switch.

*I have installed a new Alpine high power, cd, bluetooth, head unit but have not hooked it up because the wiring for the speakers needs to be redone.  This will involve pulling a great deal of the interior apart and is a project that should wait until the headliner is done.(see below--what the car still needs)

*I replaced the broken sunroof switch cover with one that is not broken.  These pieces are very hard to find and I had an extra one.

*I took apart and rebuilt, with parts from another unit, the interior light switch in the ceiling. It now functions properly.

* I replaced both windshield wiper blades with the correct new ones and they work great---better than the ones on my car. 

​*I replaced the underhood liner with a more up to date liner from a 92 car.  These do not sag and come apart like the one that this car originally had.  It is  also much better looking than the original one.

*I have replaced all of the bulbs in the instrument cluster.  These are very specific to this car and very difficult to get too.  Way more labor than parts for this job.

*I removed and cleaned out the HVAC control panel.  These typically get clogged with decades of dust that clog the temp sensor and render them inoperable.

What still needs to be done(this list is subject to change as time goes);

*Headliner-  It is just now starting to come down so it  will need to be done.  It was previously done about ten years ago but they used the wrong thickness material.  It needs to be a thinner material this time around.  This project involves taking out both front seats which is a perfect time to both clean the carpet under them and also run the new wiring for the stereo.

*Stereo needs to be rewired.  this will involve the purchase of three way crossovers for the front speakers, a good amplifier and subwoofer of your choice.  I would recommend the purchase of two Alpine self powered, compact units, that I already have had great experience with.

*Front lip for spoiler.  If you like the front bumper setup on my car, it is very possible to replace the one on the car with one like mine.  This will involve purchasing a new bumper cover, having it painted, and putting it on the car.  I have all of the required pieces for the air ducting at the bottom corners.

*(not immediately necessary but I would recommend) Both oxygen sensors, and the downpipe gaskets should be replaced.  The exhaust will need to be pulled down in one piece to do this as the O2 sensors are on the top of the catalytic convertors. The exhaust does  have normal rust on the outer shields (some are coming apart or have been removed) it does not leak at all and runs very quiet. (New Bosch O2 sensors have already been purchased and come with the car) It is also worthy to note that the car comes with another, complete exhaust system that is good.

*I would recommend doing all four front control arms and sway bar links.  They have already been purchased new and come with the car.  The front shocks are still healthy and ride nice but the dust boots on them are disintegrated.  If you're doing all the other suspension work, I would recommend doing the shocks at the same time.

*Rear control arm stabilizer links.  Very simple install ( 2 bolts each)  New ones come with the car.

*Fuel filters- new filters, lines, and clamps already purchased and come with the car.

The black car is mine and more pictures of it can be seen here;  http://www.mk1motorsports.com/the-e32-750il.html

​The white one is the one I am discussing here.  My friends call them "spy vs spy".y , compact involves buying two of most anything

​MK1 Motorsports