This car is the culmination of everything I have been working towards in my gearhead oriented life.  I have owned it for almost twenty years and I couldn't ask for a better candidate to make what I am doing worthwhile.

It is important to note that in making all of the modifications listed here, NONE of the original stuff has been hacked.  I could put this car completely back to stock if I wanted to....but....yeah... we're not gonna do that.

This is what the mechanicals currently are.....


Dynoed at NGP sometime around 2007 at 110 hp and 120 lb ft of torque at the wheels.  At the time, they said that only one 8v they had seen made that much power.  It made 4 more horsepower but was a larger displacement  ABA  motor,  and was on stand alone engine management.

Audi 3A 2.0 block-stock, Custom made crankcase vent block plate. ( I still have the original motor as well)

1986 Jetta GLI Hydro head-ported and polished inside and out, 268 cam, adjustable cam sprocket, shaved 50 thousandths, 10.3 to 1 compression

​210 mm Center force eight puck on one side, and solid on the other clutch

Lightened flywheel

9A close ratio transmission with tall fifth gear from the factory FF trans.  Makes for much better cruising RPM.

16v stock driveshafts

Accessories (alternator and compressor) from a 1992 GTI

AC lines from a 86 8v Scirocco so as to match the compressor

​Prototype number one of the air box is currently in the car and is soon to be replaced with a more true rendition of what it will be.

K&N three inch air filter



Sigh... this is a sore spot, and why I am doing all this.  

Currently a Eurosport 4-2-1 header that has broken and been fixed, and a mishmash of experimental pipes. 

Magna flow round stainless muffler

SOON to be completely changed with parts I am making.


H&R springs all around

Stock 16v rear shocks

Bilstein HD's in front(internally bumpstopped)

16v Front hubs

Stock 16v sway bars front and rear


Stock 16v calipers and 10 inch cross drilled rotors up front

Stock 1981 rear drums.(BTW- I find these to be plenty of braking power when they are properly done.)

Stock Master Cylinder(currently)


Stock, and original everything, excluding floor mats and shift knob.  

The floor mats were reproduced using the factory patterns and original 1981 heel pad.

The shift knob is a golf ball knob


This will be massively changed in the future. With the exception of the rear sectionals, which I can't get small enough in Alpine equipment, everything is going to be Alpine.  I recently heard a friend's Alpine setup and was absolutely blown away with what it could do with so little, so that's where I am taking mine.  The car will be going to completely stock gauges and appearance and I will be hiding the Innovate wideband in the back of the glovebox.

Everything will be hidden where possible.  Most notably will be the two self contained, and self powered, Alpine subs to be hidden in the spaces in front of the rear wheels and behind the panel.

ur paragraph here.

This is Ross Noll, my design and fabrication guy.  This man has more intelligence in his pinky finger than most folks have in their whole bodies.  He's one helluva welder too.

​MK1 Motorsports

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