​MK1 Motorsports

45650 Clearbrook LnCaliforniaMD 20619, USA


 Type yoI met my wife because of this car, so it is really a part of the family.  At 180k miles it was due for a timing belt and number of other things, but then a glow plug broke off inside the head and I couldn't get it out.  Soooo I went a little crazy and did a total rebuild.  5K$ in parts later we ended up with a car that is mildly put as the sleeper from hell.  With the tuner, the s7 turbo, all new seals, gaskets, southbdend clutch, injectors, head studs, motor mounts, driveshafts, etc etc, my butt dyno is estimating it at about 300 lb ft of torque at the wheels. I am stupid proud of this car and what it has become.  Special thanks go out to Kerma TDI and Germanautoparts.com. ur paragraph here.