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These Flaps are are replacements for the flaps that Audi no longer makes.  They fit most any front wheel drive or quattro chassis up to 1995.  If there is a car that they do not fit, please let me know as I cannot say with certainty that this statement is correct.

They are pictured here on my 1995 URS6 C4 chassis car.  The flaps they are modeled after were pulled from a 1992 URS4 C4 chassis car and "clip" right in to the same holes in my car.  The material these are made from was what we had laying around, the production models will be made from a rubber that is very similar to the originals.

​They are laser cut and will come with all the necessary  hardware to easily mount them to your car.  While it is highly recommended that you do so, the installation can even be done without taking the wheels off the front of your car.

The zip ties pictured here will be replaced with a better clip system that I am working on.  I have already worked out the clips that hold them to the car.  

They will be $100 for a set of four, with hardware, shipped within the continental US.